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Provide a way to identify Journal entries as private for the owner or public.


Current status

  • Targeted release: 0.96
  • Last updated:
  • Percentage of completion:

Detailed Description

Modes private / public: A problem raised by some teachers, is that Journals of his students (and on school servers) are filled with music or games. With this proposal, Sugar would offer you to work in "public" when working at school or doing homework, or, if you are using Sugar for personal interests, then put your work in "private" category. This tag would be recorded in the Journal, and could also be changed in the detail view. This mode also works as a filter, so at school all the games and songs are not listed in the Journal. Furthermore, the school server would backup only those items recorded as public. This solves server space problems and helps preserve the privacy of students.

Benefit to Sugar

There are multiple benefits:

  • Better use of school servers disks and bandwidth.
  • Enable the deployments to analyze the work of kids without invading their privacy.


UI Design

We need add a way to set the mode public/private, a filter in the journal, and a way to switch the tag in the detail view.

How To Test

Features/Journal data tagged private or public/Testing

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