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buildslave-fedora-11-32bit is a 32bit VM running Fedora 11 for the BuildBot network.

It is also used by Sebastian Dziallas and mtd to build Sugar on a Stick.


Base system

sudo virt-install --ram=512 --name=buildslave-fedora-11-32bit --arch=i386 \
  --vcpus=1 --hvm --accelerate --disk pool=qcow-images,size=10 \
  --network=network:default --vnc \

This will create a new VM and run the Fedora installer inside it, with the "console" attached via virt-view. If you don't have a US keyboard virt-view won't work properly for you and you have to use VNC directly:

  1. close virt-view
  2. Determine the VNC port used for this VM (VNC port = 5900 + number shown by virsh, e.g. 5905 for :5):
    sudo virsh vncdisplay buildslave-debian-squeeze-32bit
  3. Set up ssh port forwarding for the VNC port:
    ssh -L 5930:localhost:<vnc port> -N <user>
  4. Start VNC client:
    vncviewer :30

Config options:

  • english, US keyboard
  • Etc/UTC
  • manual layout, swap 512M, / ext3 max size
  • no tasks
  • F11 and F11 updates repo, customize now
  • only Base system / {Base,Fonts,X11}

Start again after installation:

sudo virsh start buildslave-fedora-10-32bit

Reconnect VNC client:

vncviewer :30
  • Auth: MD5, no fingerprint reader
  • disable firewall
  • services: no {cups,netfs,nfslock,pcscd,portreserve,rpc*,sendmail}
  • log in as root
  • install packages for next steps:
yum install openssh-server git rpm-build
  • log in via ssh
  • install etckeeper:
wget -nd
rpm -ivh etckeeper-0.37-1.fc11.src.rpm
cd rpmbuild/SPECS
rpmbuild -ba etckeeper.spec
rpm -i /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386/etckeeper-0.37-1.fc11.i386.rpm
  • change /boot/grub/menu.lst to add console=ttyS0,115200 to kernel options