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buildslave-fedora-12-64bit is a 64bit VM running Fedora 12 (Rawhide) for the BuildBot network.


  • shutdown old domain: sudo virsh shutdown buildslave-fedora-11-64bit
  • clone F11 volume: sudo virsh vol-clone /var/qcow/buildslave-fedora-11-64bit.img buildslave-fedora-12-64bit.img
  • Restart old domain: sudo virsh start buildslave-fedora-11-64bit
  • get F11 domain description: sudo virsh dumpxml buildslave-fedora-11-64bit
  • create new description using the old one:
    • remove UUID, MAC address, network target interface, serial source path and console source path
    • change name and volume
  • define new domain using created description: sudo virsh define f12-64.xml
  • edit domain description (enter a space somewhere) to work around libvirtd bug: sudo virsh edit buildslave-fedora-12-64bit
  • get MAC address from domain description
  • calculate new IPv6 address: ipv6calc --in prefix+mac --out ipv6addr --action prefixmac2ipv6 2001:1418:16e:1::/64 <MAC address>
  • start new domain
  • log in to new domain using ssh
  • create new SSH host keys:
    rm -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*
    /etc/init.d/sshd restart
  • create new SSH user key for etckeeper: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -N -f /root/.ssh/id_rsa
  • add new SSH user key to corresponding user on bender
  • replace host name in config files
  • change /etc git URL (/etc/.git/config) and description (/etc/.git/description)
  • push changes: git push origin master
  • update buildslave config file (/home/buildslave/sugar-jhbuild/sugar.jhbuildrc)
  • upgrade to Rawhide: yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=rawhide update