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How test Sugar 0.100

We have different ways to test Sugar 0.100:

  • Using a testing image (available for XO-1.5 and XO-4)
  • Using a 13.2.0 image and installing rpms.
  • Using sugar-build

Testing images

This images can be installed in XO without security enabled.

XO-4: 33023xx4.zd (md5)

XO-1.75: 33023xx2.zd (md5)

XO-1.5: 33023xx1.zd (md5)

XO-1: 33023xx0.img (md5)

The olpc-os-builder configuration used to create these images is | here

Installing Sugar 0.100 testing rpms

The first step is install a 13.2.0 image, downloaded | here

The second is create a file /etc/yum.repos.d/au1b-updates.repo with the following contents:


Later you need do:

rpm -e sugar-update-control
yum update

If you want start fresh, and do not care about LOOSING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN YOUR JOURNAL, can do:

rm -rf .sugar

And finally restart your computer.

Using sugar-build

Detailed instructions to use sugar-build are here [1]