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= What's fixed =
= What's fixed =
{{:0.114/Feature List}}
{{:0.114/Feature List}}
= Testing =
= Roadmap =

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Sugar 0.114 is a new stable release of the Sugar Learning Platform. It was released on 17th May 2019. The original release announcement can be viewed at the sugar-devel mailing list archives


What's fixed

  • New translations
  • Embed popwindow code in activitychooser (Rahul Bothra)
  • Build for either python 2 or python 3 (James Cameron)
  • Fix collaboration call_async (James Cameron)
  • Documentation for native environment configurations (James Cameron)
  • Clean up activity environment variables (James Cameron)
  • Add distributed source to .gitignore (James Cameron)
  • Add flake8 suppression (James Cameron)