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=Sucrose 0.81.3=
=Sucrose 0.81.3=

Latest revision as of 23:00, 2 July 2009

Sucrose 0.81.3


The release has several cool new features. Manual reordering of the Home icons and a freeform layout, improved feedback on activity startup, support for custom certificates in Browse, alt+tab activity switching, just to cite some. We are now in feature freeze and the focus will switch on testing, bug triaging and fixes. I'm proud to say that we achieved practically all the features that we had targeted, I want to thanks everyone that made this possible.

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • Pango fixes (tested with Nepalese)
  • new DBus bindings
  • updated QuickGuides
  • a few more strings made translatable


  • Support for session management.
  • Make MANIFEST mandatory in bundlebuilder.
  • Add a position attribute to activity bundles.
  • Add a scroll_to_item method to the tray.


  • UI improvements to the control panel frame section.
  • First go at session management implementation.
  • New activity launching feedback.
  • Speaker device implementation cleanups.
  • Support for 1-1 chat with other xmpp clients.
  • Shortcuts improvements for emulation.
  • Additional free form layout for the home view and allow to reorder icons.
  • Improve layout logic for the icons in the mesh view.
  • Support for switching activities using alt+tab.


  • Some improvements to the gtk theme (benzea)


  • Maintain a metadata copy outside the index (tomeu)


  • add a channel type arg to the PrivateInvitation signal


  • Add indications for empty Journal and empty search results (eben)
  • Translation update for Italian (Carlo Falciola)
  • Fix appearance of "no preview" (eben)
  • Translation update for Khmer (Rit Lim)
  • Translation update for Haitian Creole (masterches)
  • Translation update for German (Markus Schlager)
  • Translation update for Marathi (Rupali Sarode)
  • Translation update for French (Samy Boutayeb)
  • Adapt object chooser to new designs. Some refactoring was needed (tomeu)
  • Adapt UI to right-to-left scripts (khaled)

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Updated translations: mr, de, ht, km, es, it
  • #6036: Add separator after old chat history (morgs)
  • #6298: Implement 1-1 private chat with non Sugar Jabber clients (morgs)


  • Translation update for Italian (Carlo Falciola)
  • Update page title when a new URI is loaded (eben)
  • Clean up appearance of URI auto-completion popup (eben)
  • Support certificate exceptions (marco)
  • Translation update for Khmer (Rit Lim)
  • Translation update for Haitian Creole (masterches)
  • Reveal URI on rollover of the location bar (eben)
  • Translation update for German (Markus Schlager)
  • Translation update for Marathi (Sandip Gawas)