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Run everywhere


Owner: Marco Pesenti Gritti


  • Simon Schampijer
  • Morgan Collett


  • Encourage Fedora and Ubuntu communities to produce Sugar LiveCD. Advertise them, get schools to use them and to provide feedback.
    • LiveUSB is also important, as it means someone can make changes;
    • making sure that multiple Live media Sugars can talk to each other so that people can experience the collaboration features is very important.
  • Sugar chooses a font based on the screen size and dpi (graphics/style.py); we need to make this work better for non-xo devices.
  • Sugar should adapt itself to the screen resolutions of other non-xo laptops, such as Classmate 2's 1024x600 resolution.
  • bundlebuilder should be improved to use the correct system paths when doing a system installation, so that activities can be more easily packaged into rpm or deb. For example, translations should go in /usr/share/locale.
  • all major linux distributions should have high quality Sugar packages, so for their users is just a matter of installing sugar and have it running. Contacts and progress tracker here.


We should make sure that activities works well on our various livecd. Here is a list of important ones, provided by Bill Kerr.

  • X2o: A puzzle solving and critical thinking game similar to the Incredible Machine; make crazy contraptions to get the O back on top of the X
  • vu.lux.olpc.Pacmanpacman: A Pacman clone
  • gcompris: educational games
  • guido van robot: Educational programming language, IDE and lessons; Stable with 18 lessons included
  • simcity: Construct and maintain your own city
  • Terminal – linux command line (explore some linux commands)
  • Story Builder - Graphical story constructor with a variety of characters and backgrounds and simple word-processing capabilities (MaMaMedia)
  • Speak – An animated face that speaks whatever you type
  • Scratch - multimedia visual programming language
  • Slider puzzle- Slider Puzzle to improve on puzzle solving skills (MaMaMedia)
  • Pippy – Python Programming language/environment (run samples by clicking on grey horizontal line)
  • Maze - Maze game
  • Jump - A Marble-Jumping Solitaire Game. Works in Sugar; Created by a Team at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Classic picture-constructing game (MaMaMedia)
  • DrGeo II - Euclidean Geometry
  • Etoys - Learning / visual programming / authoring environment; includes Kedama which can simulate hundreds or thousands of objects
  • FlipSticks - org.worldwideworkshop.olpc.FlipSticks Using keyframes, program a stick figure to twist, turn, tumble and dance (MaMaMedia)
  • Cartoon Builder - Animate a cartoon character by creating a sequence of poses inside a filmstrip (MaMaMedia)
  • Chat - Text chat
  • BlockParty – Tetris-inspired game
  • Browse - Web browser based on Mozilla Firefox


  • Some work on bundlebuilder has been done. Fedora packages for activities are really trivial now.

Deploy to a larger user base


Owner: ???


  • For Sugar to be useful to the elderly (and to help with accessibility) we need to make sure we can do some scaling of fonts and other interface components.
  • Establish a testing/feedback regime to make sure that these tools really work in the field.


  • We need an owner and to start fleshing out the actions.