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Target Users

Main users of the Sugar LiveCD would be

  • Curious
  • Testers
  • Students and teachers that has already available pc-lab set; usually they're made of old and not easy to hack PCs shared among many (school lab)


  • Glucose + Fructose (?)
  • Honey(?)
  • G1G1v2 Activities


  • There should be possible to deliver the widest range of languages translations
  • Installation option (?)

Note: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/VMware#Soas-Strawberry.iso_installed_to_VM_Hard_Disk Should work for HD also [satellit 07/03/2009]

Features (Nice to have)

  • Support to use USB stick to hold:
    • Storage
    • Additional Activities
    • Identity (user name and other prefs)
  • Support for installation on local server for diskless labs
  • application to create live usb from CD live system either on CD or as a downloadable activity (Trac ticket #74)

This would allow any user booted with the Soas-strawberry Boot CD to spawn USB Bootable persistent soas-strawberry Sticks. [satellit 07/03/2009]

Missing Features

All the features in which the LiveCD will differ from the standard distros, because they are too hard or impossible to implement, should be clearly stated and agreed.

  • Mesh (?)

(Aug.19,2008) Carlo