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See [[Sugar on a Stick/Beta]].
See [[Sugar on a Stick/Beta]].
* Testing Suggestions for v4:[[Talk:0.90/Testing]]
* Testing suggestions for v4:[[Talk:0.90/Testing]]
* Testing Results: [[Community/Distributions/Fedora-SoaS]]
* Testing results are in sections below [[Community/Distributions/Fedora-SoaS#Testing Results|Testing Results]] on the page [[Community/Distributions/Fedora-SoaS]]
==Testing plans==
==Testing plans==

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How to contribute with testing

It is very important to get feedback during the development cycle to fix bugs as early as possible and to get a stable release at the end. The order of stability depends among other things as well on you.

If you find bugs please report them into the Sugar Labs bug tracker indicating the 0.93.x version in the ticket version field. If you have hardware from OLPC you can use one of the current development builds for testing: os3 for the i686 architecture (XO 1 and XO 1.5) and os41 for the new ARM hardware (XO 1.75). Hardware specific bugs especially with the new 1.75 hardware please report at the OLPC bug tracker. The current development version is as well available in Fedora 16 and sugar-jhbuild (sugar* master branches).

Test builds

OLPC 11.3

  • os3 for the i686 architecture (XO 1 and XO 1.5)
  • os41 for the new ARM hardware (XO 1.75)
  • See this testing request for Sugar 0.94

Dextrose 3

  • See this testing request for Sugar 0.92.4


See Sugar on a Stick/Beta.

Testing plans

How to write a good bug report

You should note the following in the bug report:

  • the version you are using
  • steps to reproduce

In most cases it is of interest to the developers to look at the Sugar logs. Instructions how to get the logs can be seen BugSquad/Get Logs.