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==Public Git Repository==
==Public Git Repository==

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This page contains all the



Members listed here are actively working on the project.

Mark DeMayo (3rd Year @ RIT)

email: mdemayo24@gmail.com

Contribution: Designer, Artist

Ihudiya Ogburu (5th Year @ RIT)

email: ifogburu@gmail.com

Contribution: Designer, Artist

Ariel Zamparini (3rd Year @ RIT)

email: arielzamparini@gmail.com

Contribution: Programmer

Fran Rogers (4th Year @ RIT)

email: fran@dumetella.net

Contribution: Programmer

Development Meetings

4pm-6pm Wednesday January 20, 2010

4pm Thursday January 28, 2010 (IRC)


01.14.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with New Links

01.16.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with new suggestions

01.21.2010 Updated the Wiki Page with new description, milestones, and logo

01.27.2010 Added in Fran, Added in summaries for student/teachers

02.02.2010 Developed Teacher Lesson Plan

02.09.2010 Reformatted Wiki


  • Decide which program to use as a foundation. (Tetravex, Super Cube, Jigsaw-Puzzle)
  • Display a graphical interface.
  • Make squares movable.
  • Display squares with numbers.
  • Make squares able to be rotated.
  • Complete Software Requirements Specifications
  • Complete Lesson Plan, and Instructional Documentation


RotationBlocks Warp when Rotating getting bigger the more you do it

Public Git Repository


Public IRC Channel

Server: irc.freenode.net

Channel: #blocku

Contacts: Mark DeMayo | Ariel Zamparini | Ihudiya Ogburu | Fran Rogers | Lorin Petersen | Kai Ito | Matt Critelli