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SimpleGraph lets you do graphical representation of simple tabular data, in the form "label: value". It can draw bar charts, line charts, and pie charts.

Simplegraph.png Simplegraph1.png

Simplegraph2.png Simplegraph3.png


Git repository:

Pending tasks to release version 1

  • Add a fullscreen button so you can view your graph without the toolbars | DONE
  • Change the gear icon to the spanner icon (the gear is for making

changes to the program, e.g., adding a new graph type; the spanner is for changing parameters) | DONE

  • Move the colors, labels to a subtoolbar. I like the way they can

be hidden, but if you resize the panel, they become hard to use.On a toolbar, they'd always be the same size and would not interfere with the data entry | DONE

  • Check fonts size in the charts | This is a PyCha error
  • Remove pop-up alert when data is not valid | DONE
  • Change chart tooltips, "Create pie chart" to "Pie Chart" | DONE

Ideas for future releases

  • Interoperability with other activities, Measure, StopWatch
  • Show a help tutorial when activity is started from scratch
  • Share, edit the data with your friends
  • Check if we can create the image without using one (or several) tempfile/s.