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Terminal provides a Bash shell command line, with access to all of the usual cryptic Unix commands, which are generally considered beyond the capabilities of elementary-school children. However, there are always exceptions. A good starting point is Introduction to the Gnu/Linux Command Line from FLOSS Manuals.

The user can configure Sugar either in the UI, or using sugar-control-panel from the command line.

One of the most requested commands is

setxkbmap keyboard

where keyboard can be us (US English), dvorak, fr (French), and so on. See olpc:Keyboards for more.

Many terminal users find a white-on-black terminal easier on the eyes than the black-on-white Sugar's Terminal defaults to. You can edit the file ~/.sugar/default/terminalrc and swap the values of fg_color and bg_color to switch to white-on-black.

Accessory tools

Midnight Commander is a character mode file manager that can run directly in Terminal. Install it with

sudo yum install mc

Be sure to configure Lynx-like motion in Options:Configuration. This lets you navigate the directory tree with the cursor keys.