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Background contest

In April and May of 2014, SugarLabs organized the first contest to create background images, to be included with the next release of Sugar. Was a opportunity to stimulate kids to be artists, to explore and share, being part of a project used by million of kids in the world.


The contest jury, integrated by Artemis Papert, Gary Martin and Manuel Quiñones, selected the following images:

How to use the background images

You need Sugar 0.100 or better to set the background. You can download any of the images and copy them to your "Documents" folder. Then you can go to "My Settings" and select the Background section.

A file containing all the images is available File:Contest.tar.gz

To install it, copy the file in your Documents folder and in the Terminal do:

cd Documents
tar xzvf Contest.tar.gz

These images will be available by default in new versions of Sugar.