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This page lists the places in the world where Sugar is used along with a contact person that will facilitate communication between the global and the local communities.

The column "# of members" is intended to give a rough estimation of the size of the local community and may include children, educators, parents, volunteers, etc


Region Languages # of members Contact
Delhi, India English, Hindi 10 Anurag Goel
Maharashtra, India English, Hindi, Marathi 32 Joshua Pritikin
Nepal Nepali 50 Subir Pradhanang, Rabi Karmacharya
Quezon City, Philippines Filipino, English 30 Jerome Gotangco
BanSamka, Thailand Thai ~30 OLPC XO (beta-2 machines?) Arnan Sipitakiat?


Region Languages Software Hardware # of members Contact
Ethiopia Amharic  ? OLPC XO-1  ?  ?
Ghana English 820 OLPC XO-1.0 4 Frits Hoff
Mozambique Portuguese Dextrose-2 OLPC XO-1.0 3000 Bernie Innocenti, Melissa Henriquez
Nigeria English? 852 (updating atm) OLPC XO-1  ? Schumberger?
Rwanda English?  ? OLPC XO-1  ? David Cavallo?
São Tomé e Príncipe Portuguese  ? OLPC XO-1  ? Beth Santos
Senegal French 820 OLPC XO-1.5 in summer 2010 20 Frits Hoff
South-Africa English / Zuid-Afrikaans 820 OLPC XO-1.0 February 2010 = 10, in summer 2010 > 100 of XO 1.5 laptops Frits Hoff
Tanzania English 820 OLPC XO-1.0 100 Frits Hoff

North America

Region Languages Software Hardware # of members Contact
Bermingham, AL, USA English  ? OLPC XO-1  ?  ?
Boston, MA, USA English SoaS Strawberry (0.84) HP EVO 500 desktops  ? Caroline Meeks
Chiapas, Mexico Spanish, Tzotzil SoaS Strawberry on SD cards + ejabberd server Classmate Convertible 44, three rural classrooms Jose I. Icaza; TecnoTzotzil project site in English

South America

Region Languages Software Hardware # of members Contact
Colombia Spanish Fedora 11/Sugar - LiveCDs - SOAS Desktop PCs 7 RafaelOrtiz, Seb S
Peru Spanish Deployment upgrading to Sugar 8 Peru - Piloting Hexoquinasa in Comas OLPC XO-1 and XO-1.5 850.000 Sebastian Silva
Paraguay Spanish Dextrose OLPC XO-1 + XO-1.5 4500 + 5000 Bernie Innocenti
Uruguay Spanish Build 802 OLPC XO-1 360.000 Pablo Flores?; Daniel Castelo; Esteban Arias
Chile Spanish SoaS Mirabelle Acer, ViewSonic, Classmate netbooks and stand alone PCs 25 K-3 students, Florence Nightingle School, Macul, Santiago Werner Westermann, Patricio Acevedo
Argentina - La Rioja Spanish Sugar 0.84 OLPC XO-1.5 60.000


Region Languages # of Sugar installations Hardware used Software version Project blog/wiki Contact
Graz, Austria German 25 XO-1 build 767 blog (in German) David Van Assche, Christoph Derndorfer
Maastricht, the Netherlands Dutch 52 XO-1 build 802 [1] (in Dutch) Frits Hoff
London, United Kingdom English 30 XO-1 build 802 blog, mailing list, wiki Peter Robinson, Martin Dengler
Brescia, Italy Italian  ? XO-1  ? website (in Italian)  ?
Milan, Italy Italian 30 XO-1 build 802 none Comunità Nuova/Barrio's - Mario Lenelli (?)
Berlin, Germany German 5 XOs, 30 laptops XO-1/XO-1.5, Fujitsu laptops build 852, F11-0.84 Planetarium, Blog Simon Schampijer


Region Languages # of members Contact
Solomon Islands Pijin, Marovo 300+ David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Papua New Guinea ? 100 David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Nauru ? ? David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Tuvalu ? 150 David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Niue ? 500 David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Cook Islands ? ? David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Vanuatu English, French, Bislama 25 David Leeming or Ian Thompson
Australia English and many indigenous languages 1500 Rangan Srikhanta, Tony Forster NOTE: Switched to android
Timor Leste Portuguese, Tetun 25 Tom Daly, Tony Forster

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