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Comments and Explanations:

There are comments (in italic) providing guidance to fill out each section, see also the Deployment Policy Page for a more detailed explanation of the deployment documentation process. Copy the source to a new page named Deployments/Your Deployment Name before making changes! DO NOT EDIT THIS TEMPLATE.


A sentence or two summarizing this Sugar deployment. This information is used for the deployment summary page.


This should link to one or more people who are willing to act as ambassadors between Sugar Labs and this deployment.

Include your email address that you can be reached should people want to make contact with this deployment

  • Email: <your email address so we can contact you, invite you to meetings, etc.>


Describe the location of the deployment


What language does the deployment use? Include the language code, e.g. en_US, if possible.


Describe the number of students, teachers, and IT staff using Sugar.


Describe the number and type of computers Sugar is running on, e.g. 150 OLPC XO-1 Laptops. Also describe any servers are used and what software they run. Additional equipment, like solar power generators, can also be included.

Technical Details

This should list which version of Sugar is being used, e.g. 0.82 or SoaS Blueberry.

  • Sugar version: <SUGAR VERSION>

Describe the base operating system being used, e.g. Fedora 12.

  • OS distribution: <OS DISTRO>

Activity Usage

Describe which Sugar activities are used in the classroom.

  • <ACTIVITY 1>
  • <ACTIVITY 2>


Provide any notes about how Sugar is being used in the classroom.


Describe how and when the deployment got started, its growth and changes, etc.


Provide links to deployment websites, additional wiki pages, studies, papers, etc.

Comments and Discussion