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These pages illustrate the design vision for Sugar. Many of the ideas have been incorporated into Sugar. Some are deprecated and some have yet to be realized. Browse these pages to get a general understanding of the rational behind the Sugar user experience, but be aware that there is not necessarily a direct correspondence to the current implementation.

The Features section of the wiki contains specific requests to incorporate new design features into Sugar releases.

Much of this content was developed during the collaboration between the One Laptop per Child Sugar Team, Pentagram, and Red Hat in 2006/2007. Eben Eliason was the primary author of many of these pages, but is no longer actively involved in the project.


The mission of the Design Team is to make Sugar beautiful, elegant, and highly functional for our target users.

Human Interface Guidelines

The Sugar Human Interface Guidelines provide insight into the design of the Sugar experience, as well as guidelines for designing custom icons, controls, and activity interfaces.

Table of Contents
Core Ideas
Design Fundamentals Know Your Audience Key Design Principles
The Laptop Experience Introduction Zoom Metaphor The Frame Bulletin Boards The Journal View Source Global Search
Activities Introduction Activity Basics Activity Bundles
The Sugar Interface Input Systems Layout Guidelines Icons Colors Text and Fonts Toolbars Rollovers Controls Cursor


The Design Team also maintains a list of specifications which provide additional details regarding the appearance and behavior of various software features. The specifications page is empty at present, but will be populated soon with preliminary specs for a number of features either currently implemented or planned for upcoming releases.

Design Team/SpecificationsDesign Team/Specifications/ClipboardDesign Team/Specifications/Groups


The Design Team manages a series of Design "slideshows" which illustrate various parts of the interface and how they function in a typical workflow.

Design Team/DesignsDesign Team/Designs/Activity ManagementDesign Team/Designs/Control Panel
Design Team/Designs/Creative commonsDesign Team/Designs/FrameDesign Team/Designs/Frame/lang-es
Design Team/Designs/JournalDesign Team/Designs/Object ChooserDesign Team/Designs/Toolbars
Design Team/Designs/translations


Design Team/ProposalsDesign Team/Proposals/Activity ManagementDesign Team/Proposals/Buddy Tags
Design Team/Proposals/Fonts For ReadingDesign Team/Proposals/FrameDesign Team/Proposals/Groups
Design Team/Proposals/Help In ContextDesign Team/Proposals/Home ViewDesign Team/Proposals/Home View/Freeform icon size
Design Team/Proposals/Home View/ToolbarDesign Team/Proposals/JournalDesign Team/Proposals/Journal/Toolbar and palettes
Design Team/Proposals/Keyboard ActionDesign Team/Proposals/NeighborhoodDesign Team/Proposals/Network
Design Team/Proposals/Non gray iconsDesign Team/Proposals/NotificationsDesign Team/Proposals/Sugar Labs
Design Team/Proposals/Sugar Labs/WebsitesDesign Team/Proposals/Text SelectionDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars
Design Team/Proposals/Toolbars/Activity-wide Toolbar mock-upsDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars/IconsDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars/View, Media, Browse page
Design Team/Proposals/Toolbars/View-Source EnhancementsDesign Team/Proposals/TouchscreenDesign Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard
Design Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard/Examples AndroidDesign Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard/Examples iOSDesign Team/Proposals/Views
Design Team/Proposals/Welcome First Boot Intro


Design Team/0.88 MeetingDesign Team/Activity Touch InputDesign Team/ComboBox
Design Team/ContactsDesign Team/CoordinatorDesign Team/Designs
Design Team/Designs/Activity ManagementDesign Team/Designs/Control PanelDesign Team/Designs/Creative commons
Design Team/Designs/FrameDesign Team/Designs/Frame/lang-esDesign Team/Designs/Journal
Design Team/Designs/Object ChooserDesign Team/Designs/ToolbarsDesign Team/Designs/translations
Design Team/FAQDesign Team/Getting Involved
Design Team/Logo IdeasDesign Team/Meetings
Design Team/Meetings/2009-03-01Design Team/Meetings/2010-07-10Design Team/Mission
Design Team/MunsellDesign Team/ProposalsDesign Team/Proposals/Activity Management
Design Team/Proposals/Buddy TagsDesign Team/Proposals/Fonts For ReadingDesign Team/Proposals/Frame
Design Team/Proposals/GroupsDesign Team/Proposals/Help In ContextDesign Team/Proposals/Home View
Design Team/Proposals/Home View/Freeform icon sizeDesign Team/Proposals/Home View/ToolbarDesign Team/Proposals/Journal
Design Team/Proposals/Journal/Toolbar and palettesDesign Team/Proposals/Keyboard ActionDesign Team/Proposals/Neighborhood
Design Team/Proposals/NetworkDesign Team/Proposals/Non gray iconsDesign Team/Proposals/Notifications
Design Team/Proposals/Sugar LabsDesign Team/Proposals/Sugar Labs/WebsitesDesign Team/Proposals/Text Selection
Design Team/Proposals/ToolbarsDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars/Activity-wide Toolbar mock-upsDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars/Icons
Design Team/Proposals/Toolbars/View, Media, Browse pageDesign Team/Proposals/Toolbars/View-Source EnhancementsDesign Team/Proposals/Touchscreen
Design Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen KeyboardDesign Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard/Examples AndroidDesign Team/Proposals/Touchscreen/On-screen Keyboard/Examples iOS
Design Team/Proposals/ViewsDesign Team/Proposals/Welcome First Boot IntroDesign Team/Resources
Design Team/SpecificationsDesign Team/Specifications/ClipboardDesign Team/Specifications/Groups
Design Team/SpinButtonDesign Team/Sugar Shell Touch InputDesign Team/TODO
Design Team/Toolbar Catalog