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===Intermediate Activity new/resume View===
===Intermediate Activity new/resume View===
* Existing early [[File:Design_mockup_100710_home_overlay-2_christian.pdf|mockup work]].
* Pervious design [[File:Design_mockup_100710_home_overlay-2_christian.pdf|mockup work]].
===Start new activity===
===Start new activity===

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Running Activities

Intermediate Activity new/resume View

Start new activity

  • Home View

Resume from Journal

Resume from Home View

Switch activity

  • is Journal included in that list?

Stop activity

  • show next open activity? show Journal? show Home View?

Manage Favorites

Go to the Activity List View

  • click on the List view option in the

Add favorite

  • go to Home View ()
  • go to activity list view

Remove favorite

Manage Activities

Install Activity

Remove Activity