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== Developer Environment ==
== Developer Environment ==
Currently we are going to replace the current developer console with a new developer environment, composed by:
'''Analyze Activity'''<br>
'''Analyze Activity'''<br>
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URL: [http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/log-activity http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/log-activity]
URL: [http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/log-activity http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/log-activity]
'''''NOTE''''': As of build 650 (and perhaps earlier), the Developer Console no longer exists as a single entity.  Its functionality has been split out into different activities and tools.
[[Category:Development Team]]
* Log Viewer is now a separate [[Log Viewer]] activity.
* Terminal is now a separate [[Terminal]] activity.
* Memphis is ... partly covered by the [[Analyze]] activity.
* While build 650 has no trivial in-GUI way to find your build number, it can be learned via the [[Terminal]] activity.
==For older releases==
The '''developer''' console activity provides a number of developer-targeted features (some of which previously existed as a separate activity):
* XO Resources
* Memphis (memory usage tool)
* Log Viewer : sugar-log-viewer
* Terminal : Linux prompt
From build 239 the activity can be started within the Sugar UI in two ways:
* <tt>Alt+=</tt>
* <tt>Alt+0</tt>
After it is started, <tt>Alt+=</tt> or <tt>Alt+0</tt> will toggle visibility; hiding or showing the activity.  It can be dismissed by clicking on the X on top right corner.
(Keyboard shortcut information can be found in [http://dev.laptop.org/git.do?p=sugar;a=blob;f=README the Sugar README] which should be referenced to ensure the developer console keyboard shortcuts have not changed.)
This partial screenshot illustrates how the developer console appeared in build 239:
The source can be found in the git repository:
===Change font size===
Here is how to increase the print size in the terminal for those who need it (a good quick-start for technically-minded low-vision users or developers):
# Press <tt>Alt-0</tt> to get into the developer console, and the last tab is the terminal.
# Type ''<tt>nano ~/.sugar/default/terminalrc</tt>''
# Find the line saying ''<tt>Font = Monospace 8</tt>'', change it to ''<tt>Monospace 16</tt>'' (or whatever you want).
# Press <tt>Control-X</tt> and answer Yes to save.
# Close the developer console (the tiny tiny X in the top right-hand corner)
# Re-open it with <tt>Alt-0</tt>, the terminal should now be in a larger print.

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Developer Environment

Analyze Activity
An activity that get useful resources information as: memory usage by activities running, X Server mapped pixmaps, Network interfaces traffic, presence service, etc
URL: http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/analyze-activity

Terminal Activity
A Terminal-Shell activity, where the developer or kid can use the Linux shell
URL: http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/terminal-activity

Log Activity
Allow to see the activities log files and system logs as /var/log/messages. It will allow to send reports about a given activity or general system to a central server as reports.
URL: http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/log-activity