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Active Tasks

Task Owner Notes
Bug importer from to tomeu (w/m_stone's help) We need to do the Big Move of Sugar bugs. A one-time cost, fortunately. Ed has agreed that the bugs in OLPC trac will be closed with pointers to the SL trac.
Identifying bugs to move from to tomeu, erikos, marco We need a very *very* high-level assessment of bugs to be moved over. Basic, *basic* triage from knowledgeable developers.
Trim down SoaS image marco It's too big. We need to cut it down as much as we can.
Restructure the DevelopmentTeam wiki marcopg (later I want to start adding documentation)
Cp language section (display the language options in the original language: English, Espanol, Deutsch) erikos #51 (unmadindu has submitted patch, punted in the current form (long loading time) to 0.86)
RightToLeft support in Sugar unmadindu #6562, punted to 0.86.
Network Manager erikos (use gconf instead of our own config file), punting to 0.86.
screen issues like those in the control panel tomeu Low risk bugfix stuff, can be addressed after freeze.
font size on other resolutions erikos Low risk bugfix, can be addressed after freeze.
the control panel resizing issue (for non en_US languages) erikos Low risk bugfix, can be addressed after freeze.
Hack to hide certain control panel features if you're not on the XO morgs Low risk (and dirty) bugfix, can be addressed after freeze.
Generic way to autodetect hw capabilities erikos Pushing to 0.86, so that control panel hackery is done the right way, among other reasons
Adding buddies not tracked in the PS tomeu Punted to 0.86, when we kill the PS
Continue file transfer implementation in Gabble cassidy Punted to 0.86. Outside of direct Sugar scope anyway; waiting on upstream.
Setup mchua

Completed Tasks

Task Owner Completion Date Notes
Get latest SoaS released marco Critical for testing; we need to have a cut of this that simple testing folks can test. 29 Jan 2009
Get buildbot back marcopg 18 Dec 2008
Move to use, and figure out conventions/policies to use it properly marcopg 18 Dec 2008
Get to the point where we can effectively dogfood collaboration marcopg 18 Dec 2008
Fix the damned palettes, they are seriously too broken marcopg 18 Dec 2008
NM - Support wired devices erikos 21 Dec 2008
Implement journal entry transfer tomeu 03 Jan 2009
Finish support for removable devices in the journal tomeu 12 Jan 2009
NM - Autoconnect to preferred connections erikos 13 Jan 2009
Making PS a bit more controllable from the control panel erikos (patch by morgan) 21.01.2009 #142 (patch by morgs, restart gabble without needing to restart Sugar, switch between jabber servers)
Logout option unmadindu (patch), eben (icon), tomeu (review) 21.01.2009 detecting if the session was launched from GDM was too complicated, so we show the logout option by default and single user system need to patch it out (medium term is to provide a gconf setting #207)