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This Dextrose version is no longer under development, please find up-to-date information about dextrose at


This is a release build. This build has been tested and deployed Paraguay. We believe them to be stable and ready for general use. Dextrose 1 was also known as F11-0.88

Hardware OS Images Size Date
Xo-1.png XO-1 os373pyg.img os373pyg.crc 518MB Aug 15 2010
Xo-1.5.png XO-1.5 os373pyg.zd 557MB Aug 15 2010


Paraguay Release Build with GNOME

Release date Milestone XO-1 XO-1.5
Aug 15 2010 RC os373pyg.img os373pyg.crc os373pyg.zd

Paraguay Release Build without GNOME

This build was created for a batch of 5000 XO-1.5 machines to be handed out in October to 27 new schools in Caacupe. It comes without Gnome and fewer activities than the regular build.

Release date Milestone XO-1 XO-1.5
Aug 15 2010 RC N/A os373pyg.zd

Development Milestones

Release date Milestone XO-1 XO-1.5
May 26 2010 Alpha1 os240py.img os240py.crc N/A
Jun 12 2010 Alpha2 os258py.img os258py.crc os257py.zd
Jun 16 2010 os260py.img os260py.crc os261py.zd
Jun 28 2010 Beta1 os284py.img os284py.crc os286py.zd
Jul 04 2010 os295py.img os295py.crc os297py.zd
Jul 08 2010 Beta2 os300py.img os300py.crc os299py.zd
Jul 29 2010 Beta3 os353pyg.img os353pyg.crc os362pyg.zd

All interim builds