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  • Triage these and these
  • There are some unmerged patches on the @dx mailing list that tch sent some time ago. Those will close a few issues from above.

Blocker decisions needing debate

Dextrose/3/Sugar Version

This page is a listing of dextrose-3 related features and bugs identified on a priority basis. This page is NOT meant for regular tracking of their completion. The and sl.o bug-trackers should be used for that.

Development goals

High priority

  • Stability (looking towards current and future releases)
    • Yum based updater 1 2
    • Offline updates method 1
  • No regressions w.r.t earlier dx-2 or releases
    • TODO Identify bug-id's here
  • QA, (& maybe validation?)
  • Stable and efficient dextrose development environment
    • Discussed this with silbe. Maybe have a custom jhbuild env privately, and a public one once 0.94 is released, otw. rebasing might be a problem. Another way out which was suggested was to have multiple branches with rebase of dx patches on top.

Medium Priority

  • Share settings between Sugar and GNOME 1
  • Share files between Sugar and GNOME 1

Low priority

  • Collection of usage statistics
  • VM image 1 2

Milestone blockers


All items here which have a due date of 19th September should be closed.


All items listed as Alpha-2 blockers closed.

All items here closed

All items here be discussed and closed.