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(Documented on)

  • Hardware : Sugar XO-1.5
  • Build : 373pyg Paraguay
  • Sugar : 0.88.1
  • Firmware : Q3A50

NOTE: This document has been prepared to provide the reader an idea of the working and use of the Journal Restore feature added in the recent builds of Sugar Dextrose.

To use the Journal Restore feature You would require: 1) A Sugar XO-1 or XO-1.5 or Sugar emulator running the latest build of Sugar Dextrose. 2) A USB-2.0 flash drive (preferably atleast 1gb in size)

To Begin

  1. Start the system running the latest build of Sugar Dextrose .
  2. Plugin a usb-2.0 flash drive device into the usb port .
    Restore screenshot 1.jpg
    Screenshot of Journal before Restore
  3. Open the journal and right click on the usb drive symbol in the journal.
    Backup screenshot 2.jpg
    Screenshot of the right click action on the usb drive icon in journal
  4. Now to Restore the Journal contents click on the Restore journal option
    Restore screenshot 3.jpg
    Screenshot of the pre-Restore Stage of the Restore Journal Feature GUI.
  5. Now click on the Start button to Restore the journal contents from the usb flashdrive.
    Restore screenshot 4.jpg
    Screenshot of the post-Restore Stage of the Restore Journal Feature GUI
  6. Now click on the restart button at the completion of the Restore process . After restart you can see the journal contents has been restored back to that of the time of the backup.
    Backup screenshot 1.jpg
    Screenshot of the journal after the restore process