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  • Clear and complete error messages (even for crashes)
    • sl1366
    • sl630
  • Checks to prevent installation of incompatible activities
    • sl1442
  • Keyboard navigability of the shell and activity toolbars
    • sl1969(gonzalo)
  • Make activities work in Gnome without Sugar (CONTROVERSIAL)
  • Make Gnome applications work seamlessly within Sugar
  • Webkit integration (lucian)
  • Faster activity startup / memory savings (quozl?)
  • Integration with social networks
  • Bidirectional Journal gateway for Gnome (torello, jasg)
  • Feature-complete packaging system (PackageKit, 0sugar...) (alsroot?)
  • OS: "Panic key" to restore default settings for GNOME and Sugar
  • Sugar: "Panic key" to force regenerating datastore index (hold both shifts on boot? hidden ctrl-r hotkey in the journal?)
  • Rainbow?
  • Multiple item selection in the journal
  • Updater similar to puppet (plain ceibal)
  • 3G connection sharing in Sugar (esteban)
  • Automatically register to Schoolserver
  • Make Schoolserver visible in neighbor view
  • Figure out why many control panel items requires restarting Sugar and fix it

Control panel items reduction

  • Power has only 2 options, they could go into a context menu on the battery icon in the frame
  • Backup/restore -> journal (or a schoolserver icon in the mesh view)
  • touchpad -> device icon on the frame + global keyboard shortcut to switch between resistive and capacitive
  • accessibility -> fold into keyboard
  • modem config -> context menu on the modem icon in the frame
  • find out why sugar needs to be restarted on trivial settings changes such as frame timeout and solve it
  • Register Again creates duplicate xs icons on the volumes toolbar
  • Journal sort by creation date - journal entries are being created with ctime=0 (41 years ago)