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|Out of date since 2011
|Out of date since 2011
|[http://laptop.org/manual XO Manual] (Sugar capters)
|[http://laptop.org/manual XO Manual] (Sugar chapters)
|Sugar content deprecated
|Sugar content deprecated

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Most part of the Sugar documentation and resources are out-of-date. The idea is to provide Sugar 1.0 with up-to-date documentation.


Action Status Date
Join all documentation resources Current From February 1st 2013
Add your point here To do To decide
Sugar 1.0 Release Coming Waiting for Sugar 1.0 Release Schedule


There is many documentation, out-of-date and being updated. These are the resources to join and create an only documentaton.

Title Status
Sugar FLOSS Manual Out of date since 2011
XO Manual (Sugar chapters) Sugar content deprecated
OLPC-SF Summit 2011 Work Not finished. Needs a very short update.
Activity specific chapters Incomplete. Will need a short update near the 1.0 release.
Add your link here ...