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Upcoming Events

Sugar Labs Elections Calendar for 4 seats at the Oversight Board for the 2017-2019 period:

August 15 Announcement of election date and first call for candidates.
August 30 Reminder of election date and second call for candidates.
September 15 Candidates' Wiki submissions deadline.
October 1-15 Election.

Sugar Summit 2017 date and location TBD.

Sugar Summit 2018 date and location TBD.

Sugar Summit 2019 date and location TBD. holds a regular monthly meeting in San Francisco

Past Events

An email list verification for Sugar Labs members list debugging process was done in 2017 by the Membership and Elections Committee.

See the Category:Event page, a list of all pages in the Event category

Online Meetings

Regular meetings are held online via IRC in irc:// and the channel is logged at

Oversight Board one hour monthly meeting: First Friday of each month.