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Add you activity!


The new ASLO is a ground up rewrite of the aslo to make it work better for users and developers. Check it out


  • Name: Sam P.
  • Email: <sam@sugarlabs.org>

Current status

  • Targeted release: (maybe even before,) 0.106
  • Last updated: 22/2/2014
  • Percentage of completion: 85%
  • Number of activities: 65 (I think)
  • Bugginess: Yeah, I'm working on this SAMdroid (talk)

Detailed Description

The new aslo is made to:

  • Let developers update their activities eaisly
  • Encourage a conversation between developers and users
  • Let users find activities faster/eaiser

Benefit to Sugar

Right now, publishing an activity is a lot harder than it needs to be; making it eaiser gives developers more time to develop activities.

There are also issues with the current activity store. The search only works in English; typing a Spanish word into the Spanish aslo will yield no results, but an English word will work. Commenting is also a very one way thing on the old ASLO; you can post a comment but developers cant reply. You could also argue that the current ASLO is not fun, ugly and annoying to use. The new ASLO also loads a lot faster than the old ASLO as it uses new(ish) browser technologies.

The new aslo is also designed in a way to simplify hosting. There are 4 parts. The web interface is 100% static and can be run in isolation. The comments system is almost like an add on to the web interface. The bot master distributes activities to bots to host. Currently the bot master is working well on sunjammer.


There is quite a lot of code behind the new activity store. It is on github: https://github.com/samdroid-apps/aslo

The only part that is in sugar is the updater. It is merged, but must be enabled via gsettings.

UI Design

This adds a new activity store with a (great SAMdroid (talk)) new look. (Most people will disagree SAMdroid (talk)). Check it out: http://www.aslo.cf Please comment!!!!

How To Test

There are many ways to test.

Try the web interface and please report any bugs.

If you have made an activity, add it to the new ASLO and please report any bugs.

User Experience

  • New website!!!!
   * Fast
   * Real i18n!
   * Cooler
   * Feature parity with the old site


If the sugarlabs and github infrastructure are both hit by a big evil comet (or comment?) this feature may not be published :(

Contingency Plan

Be sad about the current aslo. Be rebel and only put your activities on http://www.aslo.cf and force your users to change.


Every section has a README loaded with information, so look at the git: https://github.com/samdroid-apps/aslo

Release Notes

Switch to the new ASLO.

Comments and Discussion