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Q: What exactly is open source?

A: Open source is a revolutionary computing environment where everyday people contribute and build on the software. A popular open source platform is Linux. OS's (operating systems) like Windows and Mac OS X are NOT open source. The world of open source is limitless and most software are free (as in price, all software is free as in freedom). Open source software is not very well known but its popularity is increasing incredibly. Most of the low cost computers today are based on an open source platform. The OLPC, Asus Eee PC and Intel Classmate PC are just a few of the worlds low-cost open source computers.

Q: What is better about it?

A: There are many ups and downs with open source (mostly ups), but one of the best things about it is there is a version of open source OS's that will run on almost every computer. Another strong point is open source is very secure. Of course the most well known fact about open source is that it is open, just like this wiki.

Q: Is open source simple?

A: It really depends. Compared to Mac OS X it is a bit more complicated. Compared to Windows it is about the same. Using open source software doesn't require a genius to use. You don't have to contribute or program in it. OS's like Sugar are very simple! It depends on the open source OS you use. Sugar is a great OS and works great for people with or without knowledge of open source.

Article written by willbill, a writer and contributer to the sugar Labs wiki.

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