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Sugar Hotkeys

  • F1 for Neighborhood view (wireless network view), See Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience/Zoom Metaphor.
  • F2 for Groups view,
  • F3 for Home view,
  • F4 for Activity view,
  • Alt + Tab to change between Activities,
  • Alt + Shift + Tab to change between Activities backwards,
  • Alt + 1 to make a screenshot, saved to Journal,
  • Alt + Shift + f or F6 to make the frame appear and disappear,
  • Alt + Shift + o or F5 to switch to the Journal,
  • Alt + Shift + v to view source,
  • Ctrl + c to copy to clipboard,
  • Ctrl + v to paste from clipboard,
  • Ctrl + z to undo,
  • Ctrl + q to quit an activity,
  • Esc to close the View Source dialog.

Some old activities have a bug, and ignore Ctrl + q. If you find them, please report them.


Turtle Art Hotkeys

See Activities/Turtle_Art#Keyboard_shortcuts.

Terminal Hotkeys

The Terminal activity must pass all Ctrl keys to the shell, so all the Sugar hotkeys starting with Ctrl must also have Shift pressed:

  • Ctrl + Shift + c = copy to clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + v = paste from clipboard
  • Ctrl + Shift + q = quit activity

Emulator Hotkeys

  • Alt + Shift + q to quit Sugar

Emulator hotkeys work in sugar-build, sugar-emulator or if the environment variable SUGAR_DEVELOPER is defined. They do not function in sugar-runner.

Some of the Sugar hotkeys may not work in an emulator.

The undiscoverables

Keys that don't work but could

  • Esc is not handled by the majority of activities; because they usually have no dialogs.

See also

The olpc:Keyboard shortcuts for the OLPC XO-1.