How to connect Sugar to a Jabber network

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Due to scalability issues, jabber servers can currently only handle up to about 150 users at a time. It is best if specific communities run their own servers - by geographic region, by special interest, whether for kids/parents only or adult users...

To set up your own server, see instructions at Run your own jabber server.

Connecting to a community jabber server

If you want to connect quickly, simply open terminal. Then type the following commands :

sugar-control-panel -s jabber jabber.server.url

replace jabber.server.url with the jabber server you with to use

then restart Sugar (warning: close activities first to save) by pressing ctrl+alt+erase, then go to the neighborhood view and have fun!

Community Server Directory

If you want to publicize your server, please list it below. In "community", specify who should use this server - be as specific as possible.

Community Servers

server name status community comments up Austin, TX (any) Austin Area Jabber Collaboration Server down as of 2008-05-22 Chicago, IL (any) OLPC Chicago Jabber Server down as of 2008-05-22 Chicago, IL (any) up as of 2008-05-22 Montreal, Qc (any) Québec Area Jabber Server(fr) down as of 2008-05-22 New England (any) New England Jabber Collaboration Server Back up and all bugs should be fixed!. down as of 2008-05-22 G1G1 (any) See Community Server for more info and regional jabber servers. up Bainbridge Island, WA (any) XOBI/SeaXo Seattle Area Jabber Collaboration Server. Come join us! in progress Open to all US, Server in Vermont US public jabber server. Read our wiki page for more info.
Estimated Date of Server Completion: Friday April 19th (maybe earlier) | Washington, DC area (any) OLPC D.C. Jabber Server
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