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This document was originally written in 2006 as a goal. It was then mostly, but incompletely, implemented and shipped. Some of the goals have shifted based on user experience; these new goals are mostly visible at Designs. These new goals have also now been partially implemented. There is no single location which documents what has and has not been implemented from these two sets of goals. Work is proceeding to incorporate the new goals from Designs back into this document.

Table of Contents
Core Ideas
Design Fundamentals Know Your Audience Key Design Principles
The Laptop Experience Introduction Zoom Metaphor The Frame Bulletin Boards The Journal View Source Global Search
Activities Introduction Activity Basics Activity Bundles
The Sugar Interface Input Systems Layout Guidelines Icons Colors Text and Fonts Toolbars Rollovers Controls Cursor

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/Introduction

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/Core Ideas

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/Design Fundamentals

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/The Laptop Experience

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/Activities

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/Security

Design Team/Human Interface Guidelines/The Sugar Interface