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<noinclude>{{hig-subnav|p_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/Indicators|p_label=Indicators|c_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/Text Controls|c_label=Text Controls|n_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/View Controls|n_label=View Controls}}</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{hig-subnav|p_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/Text Controls|p_label=Text Controls|c_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/View Controls|c_label=View Controls|n_link=The Sugar Interface/Controls/Grouping Controls|n_label=Grouping Controls}}</noinclude>

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Text Controls View Controls Grouping Controls

View Controls

Basic Sort Bars
Advanced Sort Bars
Sort Bar View Toggles
Tab Bars
Tabbed Sidebars
Disclosure Triangles
Text Controls View Controls Grouping Controls