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==To Do==
* CMS to host a few, nice looking, official pages.
: willing to do if someone will set me up with ssh + mysql [[User:Seth|Seth]] 18:49, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
* git for both core and activities. personal repos. (ssh access for devs)
* Trac for core and activities
* buildbot, master + a few slaves (ssh access for devs)
* RT system
** Is this really needed? We can just use other infrastructure for help requests... [[User:Firefoxman|Firefoxman]] 19:27, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
* Pootle
* LDAP or OpenID authentication across various Sugarlabs tools
==In Progress==
==Mission ==
{{:Infrastructure Team/Mission}}
===Mailing lists===
== Resources ==
The lists are currently hosted at tema.lo-res.org (Aaron Kaplan <aaron at lo-res.org>), but we're going to move them to trinity at some point.
For mail and aliases, write to postmaster@sugarlabs.org.
Consult the [[Infrastructure_Team/Resources|Resources]] page for the complete list of Sugar Labs' web and development [[Service|Services]] and
The postmasters are:
of the individual [[Machine|Machines]] hosting them. See also our [[Sysadmin]] procedures.
* Bernie Innocenti <bernie ''at'' codewiz.org>
== Contacts ==
* Stefano Fedrigo <aleph ''at'' develer.com>
To contact us, please visit the [[Infrastructure Team/Contacts|contacts]] page.
* Lorenzo Mancini <lmancini ''at'' develer.com>
===Wiki and Web-related services===
== Subpages ==
For Wiki and web services, write to webmaster@sugarlabs.org.
The Wikimasters and Webmasters are:
* Helga Schmidt <helga ''at'' helgaschmidt.com>
* Simon Dorner <office ''at'' simondorner.com>
* Bernie Innocenti <bernie ''at'' codewiz.org>
===Planet Sugar===
Planet Sugar is located at http://planet.sugarlabs.org
For requests regarding Planet Sugar, please contact planetmaster@sugarlabs.org.
The planet masters are:
* Firefoxman <ffm ''at'' cluenet.org>
* Bernie Innocenti <bernie ''at'' codewiz.org>
Your friendly sysadmins for <code>sugarlabs.org</code> can be contacted at <hostmaster ''at'' sugarlabs.org>.
The sysadmins are:
* Bernie Innocenti <bernie ''at'' codewiz.org>
* Stefano Fedrigo <aleph ''at'' develer.com>
* Lorenzo Mancini <lmancini ''at'' develer.com>

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