Lemonade Stand

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Group Members


This is your basic "Lemonade Stand" style game, where the player manages a lemonade stand (or similar such store) and tries to make as much money as possible.


We're looking to create a workable prototype with the ability to buy materials and sell a product.

Potential Problems

Localization is likely to be a big problem in this game. Not simply translating the words, but also translating the idea, ie. finding out what kind of shop would be reasonable to open in a country, what it might stock, etc.

Wishlist Ideas

Weather patterns impacting sales
Making change (introduction to currency/fractions/small decimals)
Advanced mode: changing the recipie for your "lemonade"
Potential use of network, competitive or cooperative modes

Code so far

def supplyReduce():

   global cups, lemons, ice
   if cups != 0:
       cups -= 1
   if lemons != 0:
       lemons -= 1
   if ice != 0:
       ice -= 1
   print "some of your supplys was stolen by ants!"

def makeStuff():

   global cups, lemons, ice
   made = min(cups, lemons, ice )
   cups -= made
   lemons -= made
   ice -= made
   print "You made " + str(made) + " cups of lemonade" 

name = 'lemonade stand' cups = 0 lemons = 0 ice = 0 today = 0 daysToPlay = 0

print "Welcome to " + name

daysToPlay = input("How many days would you like to play for: ")

while today <= daysToPlay:

   print "         "
   print "You have"
   print "cups: " + str(cups)
   print "lemons: " + str(lemons)
   print "ice: " + str(ice)
   print "        "
       cupsToAdd = input("How many cups do you want to buy? ")
       cups += cupsToAdd
       lemonsToAdd = input("How many lemons do you want to buy? ")
       lemons += lemonsToAdd
       iceToAdd = input("How much ice do you want to buy? ")
       ice += iceToAdd
       print "dont break my program"

   print "   "
   today += 1