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Finding a local lab

Joining a local lab

Creating a local lab

Creating a Local Lab is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience. A successful local lab can have a great impact, both locally and globally.

Forming a local lab is not about forming a group and telling people what to do. It is about identifying local needs and inspiring smart and passionate people to meet those needs. Running a local lab will push you to your limits. You will need to keep the group organized and resolve conflict where required.

Getting Started

First, you will need to chose your region. A local local lab can support a city, a state, or even a country. We encourage you to start with country sized regions until you grow large enough that seperate, smaller teams would be more effective.

Next, you will need to identify a contact person. Your contact person will be the ambassador between Sugar Labs and your local lab.

Choosing a name

Setting up your resources

Home page Mailing list IRC Channel Moodle room? Translations

Running a local lab

Leading the team

Holding meetings

Find things to do

Support local deployments Translate software and documentation

Resolving conflicts