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The Sugar Labs Marketing Team exists to spread the good word about Sugar. Sugar provides a simple yet powerful means of engaging young children in the world of learning that is opened up by computing and the Internet. It is the job of the Sugar Labs Marketing Team to promote the benefits of Sugar as widely as possible, and to recruit volunteers to help improve the Sugar experience.



Team Coordinator

open, volunteer needed, contact gdk at redhat dot com


Note: these are all possible goals. Further discussion is necessary. Also: any goal that is worth setting is worth measuring, so all of the final goals will have basic metrics associated with them.

Logo, Name, and Slogan

The logo is here: MarketingTeam/Logo

  • Does the name "Sugar" really convey our common mission in a way is at the very least memorable and at the very best is inspiring?
  • Do we have a slogan that conveys the proper images to non-technical audiences?

The names "Sugar" and "Sugar Labs" have no intuitive relationship to education or to our mission goals

New Name Ideas

  • Sugar Land
  • Playground

Both names convey a sense of place and safety for children. Sugar is not simply a background canvas like Windows XP. I propose keeping Sugar Labs for the organization name and renaming "Sugar" the environment to SugarLand.


  • "Sugar: Where Kids Learn and Play"
  • "Sugar: A Place to Learn and Play"
  • "Sugar: A playground for learning"

A slogan should be attuned to the prospective audience, with particular emphasis on expressing Sugar's mission to non-technical audiences.

Sugar Labs website

In addition to the Sugar Labs wiki, we are proposing to create a small static HTML web site to give a high-level overview of the project and direct people to appropriate areas of the wiki.

We need one volunteer per section below to write copy.

  1. Homepage Christian
  2. Audience-specific Landing Pages
    1. Contributors Mokurai
    2. Teachers Mokurai
    3. Parents Mokurai
    4. Learners Mokurai
  3. Subpages
    1. Download [your name here]
    2. Deployments RafaelOrtiz
    3. About Sugar Mokurai

Each volunteer should get in touch with Christian ASAP to discuss the goals for the section they are working on:

Deadline for final copy: Dec 8