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There are many ways to help. These are a few.

Join the Mailing List

Sugar Labs has a dedicated mailing list to discuss marketing related issues. If you are interested, please read the archives and join the conversation!

Attend an Event

Help by attending an event and talking about the Sugar mission. The current list of Events is kept here: Marketing Team/Events. Feel free to attend one of these, or add your own!

What kind of events should I be attending?

  • Educational events. Educators should be helping guide the direction of Sugar, and we should be bringing more of them to the table.
  • Developer events. We always need more developers, both core and activity. Finding Python developers will be especially useful.
  • BarCamps. There are constantly BarCamps going on all over the world ([[1]]) and they are extremely participatory in nature. Show up in the morning, pitch a session about Sugar, and see who comes to your talk. A great way of getting in front of people.

What should I be doing?

  • Create and distribute Sugar live media. The best way to convince people to use Sugar is by making it easy for them to try Sugar -- and with such a broad array of choices (Supported_systems#Starch), this should be simple for anyone to help with.
  • Host a BoF session. Most conference have Birds of a Feather sessions. Propose a Sugar BoF and be ready to answer lots of questions.
  • Offer to speak. Many conferences need good speakers to fill out speaker slots. Don't be shy!

Participating in Marketing Team meetings

We hold Marketing Team meetings every week. Come to a meeting, pick up a small task, and help move the mission forward! Learn more at Marketing Team/Meetings.

Become an Ambassador

An idea under construction, Marketing Team/Ambassadors.