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Please see this posting on what's needed:

Active Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
IRC guide for newbies NOBODY 1 12/23/2008 We need a simple guide for people who don't know how to use IRC. This should include (a) downloading clients for various OSes, and (b) using Mibbit, with screenshots. Connections via mibbit are no longer supported on freenode. You may wish to consider using instead. Further information over at
Beginner's guide to blogging Sugar JohnTierney 1 12/23/2008 We may have a number of people in our broader community who would like to blog about their experiences with Sugar, but don't know enough about how to blog. JT will work on a newbie's guide to blogging Sugar as he creates a blog himself. :)
Make the "Get Involved" page amazing gregdek 1 12/23/2008 Content on page is better. Still need strong TODO pages for individual teams; gregdek will drive that. We also need to move "get involved" to above the fold.
Create a sponsorship program walter 1 12/23/2008 In order to get corporate sponsors, we need to tell them what they get for their money.
Finish creation of the elevator pitch gregdek 1 12/23/2008 We have a bunch of pitches at Marketing Team/Elevator Pitch. gregdek will select a pitch by next meeting, possibly by voting on what we have now, or maybe by fiat.
Get everyone's blog aggregated at gregdek 1 weekly update We need the voices of Sugar Labs to be loud and clear. (12/2: 23 feeds.) (12/9: 23 feeds.) (12/16: 26 feeds.)
Business card design christian 1 12/23/2008 Sugar Labs representatives need easy access to business cards. Christian continues to work on simple, easy-to-use designs.
Slide deck design christian 1 12/23/2008 Requested by Mchua. Can we have a .odp template downloadeable from Marketing_Team/Presentations, for making cool-looking, SL-branded slide decks?
Professional Development Intern Caroline & Sebastian 1 12/23/2008 Interview Terri, Create workplan for PD. Terri is a grad student at Harvard GSE. Caroline has sent a proposal for how to fund hiring Terri, and Walter and Caroline will discuss this plan with the SFC.
FOSDEM swag Mchua 1 01/05/2009 For the attendees of Marketing Team/Events/FOSDEM_2009; we need stickers and Sugar Labs/Business cards to be delivered to the Sugar Labs booth. Mel, Greg, and Bernie are funding this out-of-pocket.
Landing/welcome page Mchua 1 01/05/2009 For the attendees of Marketing Team/Events/FOSDEM_2009, and beyond. We need to point to a gorgeous welcome page, some polish on Sugar Labs/Getting Involved, and people behind that page ready to jump in and welcome newcomers.
Upcoming events Mchua 1 02/03/2009 Review upcoming events and see if anyone has ideas/thoughts on what to do / what to send for them.

Requested Tasks

Task Owner Priority Next Milestone Notes
Create a sticker label design to create labels for Boothelper CDs we give away at conferences to go with Sugar on a Stick Owner Priority needed for conferences we want to promote SoaS at Notes

Completed Tasks

Task Owner Priority Completion Date Notes
Get the weekly meeting scheduled gregdek 1 12/2/2008 Meetings are now every Tuesday at 1600 UTC.
Create mailing list gregdek 1 11/20/2008 We have a mailing list now:
Write a blurb for the top of mchua 1 12/9/2008 Important to describe what actually is. Update: The blurb is written, and has been pushed to Infrastructure Team as ticket #77. Closed.
Start stuff for Summer of Code '09 for Sugar Labs mchua 1 Done. See wiki page.