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Duplicate of Sugar_Labs/Current_Events

Archival entries

  • Donate your used USB sticks to give away Sugar Sticks to schools at
  • Join the "It's An Education Project" mailing list
  • Watch some videos of children in Uruguay explaining how they use Sugar and read some stories from the field.
  • The application period for Google Summer of Code 2016 has ended. We have 62 project proposals, which we will vet over the next few weeks. Thanks to the applicants and community mentors.
  • Congratulations to our two Google Code In 2015 grand-prize winners: Piotr Antosz (from Poland) and Ezequiel Pereira Lopez (from Uruguay).
  • The Fedora 23 release of Sugar on a Stick is available with Sugar 0.106. This release of Sugar (v 0.106) is dedicated to the memory of Marco Gritti Presenti. Marco was a member of the original Sugar team and the lead Red Hat engineer on the project over its first three years of development. Soft-spoken but determined, Marco was a founding member of Sugar Labs and one of the original members of the Sugar Labs oversight board. Beyond the code he contributed to the project—he was a gifted software engineer; Marco shared with us his vision that Sugar ultimately belongs to its users. It is the clarity of this vision that is still reflected in the Sugar code-base and the spirit of the Sugar Labs community.
  • Sugar 106 has been released!! See [1] for a quick video summary of the new features.
  • Are you a developer who is new to Sugar? Consider helping us with our HTML5/Javascript framework.
  • Celebrate Turtle Art Day.
  • We are participating in Google Code In 2015. If you have projects you'd like to suggest or would be willing to mentor, please contact walter --AT--
  • Google Summer of Code 2015 is wrapping up. The students have been writing their final blog reports, submitting last-minute patches, and uploading their code to Google. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our students and their mentors for all their hard work this summer. (Also, thanks once more to Google for supporting this program.) Great strides along many fronts were made. Specifically, Michaël Ohayon worked on Web versions of some core activities for the Sugarizer project: Calculate, Paint (with collaboration, Record, and Memorize. He also submitted patches to Turtle Blocks to make it compatible with Sugarizer. Mentor: Lionel Laske) Yash Khandelwal worked on Music Blocks AKA Mouse Music. This is a powerful, playful model for music in a block language. (Mentors: Devin Ulibarri and Marnen Laibow-Koser) Ishan Sharma revisited the Turtle 3D concept, rewriting it in Javascript. (Mentor: Walter) Amit Kumar Jha worked on extensions to Turtle programming this summer. He added argument passing and return values to procedures, passing arguments to and returning values from Turtle programs so that Turtle Blocks can be used for in-line programming by all Javascript activities, and he developed a unit=test framework for Turtle Blocks JS that can be extended to all of our Javascript activities. (Mentor: Walter) Richa Sehgal worked on a framework to support off-line Web programming, an interactive Javascript shell. She's submitted patches to the upstream Browse activity. (Mentor: Tony Anderson) Vibhor Sehgal and Utkarsh Dhawan, although not officially GSoC students, worked with Tony and Richa on a parallel project, Web Confusion, a series of programming challenges in the spirit of Turtle Confusion to encourage students. (Mentor: Tony Anderson) Abhinav Anurag made some progress on a Web collaboration framework for our Javascript activities. (Mentors: Martin Abente and Lionel Laske)
  • Our Google Summer of Code interns are: Abhinav, Ishan, Yash, Michaël, Richa, and Amit. Looking forward to a fun and productive summer.
  • Sugar 104 has been released. Many thanks to our release manager, Martin Abente. Note that well over 50% of the patches to Sugar Activities came from youths in the Sugar community and just under 50% of the patches to Sugar core libraries came from youths in the Sugar community.
  • Congratulations to Ignacio Rodríguez and Sam Parkinson, the grand-prize winners from Sugar Labs in Google Code-in. Our finalists are Cristian Garcia, Daksh Shah, and Jae Eun (Jasmine) Park.
  • We've been accepted into Google Summer of Code 2015. Potential students and mentors, please go to our GSoC 2015 page in the wiki.
  • Google Code In 2014 has begun. Sugar Labs is participating. We hope you do as well.
  • Trisquel 7 Sugar (Trisquel On A Sugar Toast) has been released with Sugar 0.102.
  • We are excited to announce that Sugar 0.102.0 (stable) is released. See 0.102/Notes for details. And please help us with Testing.
  • We just received hundreds more Sugar on a Stick USB keys from the Recycle USB program sponsored by NexCopy.
  • Sugar on a Stick 10 is out with the just released Fedora 20 and Sugar 0.100. Please participate.
  • Sugar Labs has been accepted into Google Summer of Code for 2014!! Potential students should start working on their proposals (See Summer of Code/Template).
  • Congratulations to Ignacio and Jorge, winners of Google Code In!!
  • Google Code In 2013 has concluded. The five remarkable finalists from Sugar Labs are:
    • Ignacio Rodríguez (wrote 2 new webservices -- PutLocker and GDrive -- and 4 new Sugar activities)
    • Jorge Gómez (numerous enhancements to Turtle Art, et al. and wrote a first pass of Turtle Art in Javascript)
    • Sai Vineet (added pen and rope objects to Physics, developed unit tests for Sugar activities, and numerous enhancements to Pippy)
    • Emil Dudev (converted Sugar to gsettings, added a microphone volume control)
    • SAMdroid (added an icon viewer to the Sugar Journal, made an amazing how-to video for view source, enabled recording to external devices)
  • Enter the Sugar Labs Background Design Contest. See for details.
  • Sugar Labs has been selected to participate in Google Code In 2013. Mentors, please sign up at GCI2013
  • Congratulations to Aguz and Aneesh, the two winners of the Sugar Labs/Google Code In contest. Thanks also to all the participants and to Google.
  • Sugar on a Stick Avocado is out with the just released Fedora 19 and Sugar 0.98.8. Please participate.
  • Sugar 0.98 has been released!!!
  • Congratulations to Claudia Urrea, Gonzalo Odiard and Daniel Francis, the newest members of the Sugar Labs Oversight Board.
  • Daniel Narvaez has made a number of improvements to sugar-build, which has by-and-large replaced sugar-jhbuild as the preferred development environment for Fedora and Ubuntu.
  • Twas the season. But still please consider making a donation to Sugar Labs.
  • الكمبيوتر المحمول إكس أو في الفص Sdenka Salas's book, Using the XO in the Classroom is now available in Arabic, thanks to the work of Dr. Rashid Ismael Hag Ibrahim.
  • Concurso Internacional de One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) y Nickelodeon / MTV
  • Como Hacer Una Actividad Sugar (Make Your Own Sugar Activities!) is now available.
  • Listen to Walter Bender talk about Sugar on FLOSS Weekly.
  • Recursos en espanol
  • Jim Simmons has written a FLOSS manual Beginner's Guide to writing Sugar Activities. (pdf)
  • Download a guide to using Sugar in the classroom, written by a teacher working in rural Peru.
  • Sugar on a Stick Quandong is out with the just released Fedora 17 and Sugar 0.96.1. Please participate.
  • Google Code In 2012-13 is over. Many thanks to our >50 participants and our community mentors who worked on almost 200 projects over six weeks in December and January.
  • We are one of the projects selected for Google Code-In 2012. Please participate.
  • Congratulations to Chris Leonard and Gerald Ardito, the two newest members of the Sugar Labs Oversight Board.
  • Sugar 0.96 is released: many improvements and new features.
  • 11.2.0 has just been released by OLPC (for those of you who run Sugar on XO hardware). Congratulations to everyone involved in the effort, with a special tip of the hat to Daniel Drake, who led this effort.
  • Sugar on a Stick Pineapple is out with the just released Fedora 16 and Sugar 0.94. Please participate.
  • Google Summer of Code is soon to be accepting applications. Please see Summer of Code/2012 if you are interested in being a mentor or participant.
  • We are seeking candidates for the 2011 Sugar Labs Oversight Board. Please consider running. If you do decide to run, please add your name to the list of candidates.
  • In anticipation of the upcoming election, we are updating our membership list. If you are not yet a member of Sugar Labs, please send your name and an explanation of your contribution to Sugar Labs in an email to members at sugarlabs dot org.
  • Sugar on a Stick Coconut has finally ripened and fallen from the tree. It features Fedora 15 and Sugar 0.92. It won't be long before the next version, Pineapple, with Fedora 16 and Sugar 0.94 is ready.
  • Sugar on a Stick Mango Lassi has been released. It features the Sugar Learning Environment version 0.90, a small collection of core Activities, and is aimed to encourage customization and collaboration between deployments and developers.
  • Our new release Sugar 0.92 is available in OLPC Release 11.2.0 test builds and in Sugar on a Stick/Beta. Release notes will be posted soon.
  • We elected four members to the Sugar Labs Oversight Board: Sebastian Silva, Aleksey Lim, Chris Ball, and Adam Holt. They join Bernie Innocenti, Mel Chua, and Walter Bender on the board.
  • Interested in Google Summer of Code? Visit our Summer of Code page.
  • (SoaS Mango Lassi) The project seeks contributions for the upcoming, 25 January 2011 Feature submission deadline Feature submission deadline.
  • Our new release (Sugar 0.90) is out. Read about it here.
  • Sugar Labs announces the availability of Sugar on a Stick "Mirabelle". It features the Sugar Learning Environment version 0.88, support for 3G or 3rd generation mobile telecommunications networks, a reduced collection of core Activities, and is aimed to encourage customization and collaboration between deployments and developers.
  • Sugar World Cup 2010
  • Our new release (Sugar 0.88) is out. Read about it here.
  • Sugar Labs announces the availability of Sugar on a Stick v2, codenamed "Blueberry". It features the Sugar learning environment—Version 0.86—and a number of additional Activities for children, providing a great experience for new and experienced learners. For more information and instructions—how to put SoaS on your USB key or how to deploy it—please refer to our release notes.
  • Read about what is new in our latest release, Sugar 0.86.
  • Try our community-powered support site for the Sugar on a Stick project.
  • Sugar Labs announces the availability of Sugar on a Stick, codenamed "Strawberry". It features the Sugar learning environment—Version 0.84—and a number of additional activities, providing a great experience for new and experienced learners. For more information and instructions—how to put SoaS on your USB key or how to deploy it—please refer to our release notes.
  • 08 Aug 2009 - Try our new, community-powered support site
  • Read the latest memo on learning by Marvin Minsky
  • Consider the status of Sugar after OLPC
  • Take a look at the latest Sugar features in version 0.84
  • Join our activity team.
  • Activity Team formed. Our goal is to ensure that Sugar provides a complete set of high quality educational, collaborative, constructivist activities.
  • OLPC downsizes half of its staff, cuts Sugar development, but "OLPC's decision to end its participation in Sugar's evolution doesn't mean that Sugar itself will be coming to an end any time soon. Former OLPC president of software, Walter Bender, who left the organization last year, launched Sugar Labs to facilitate ongoing community-driven development of the Sugar project. Sugar Labs has done well for itself—it recently joined the GNOME Foundation and is currently in informal talks with some hardware vendors."
  • Sugar Labs is joining the GNOME Foundation as part of the GNOME Advisory Board.
  • Sugar Labs officially joins the Software Freedom Conservancy.
  • Sugar Labs will be participating in FUDCon, which will be held at MIT (Cambridge, MA) 9–11 January. If you can attend, please sign up on the FUDConF11 wiki page.
  • Walter Bender gave the keynote at the Netbook World Summit in Paris on 1 December 2008. His notes from the conference are here.
  • SugarCamp was held 17–21 November in Cambridge. Notes for most of the meetings are linked from here.
  • We continue to make progress on the LiveCD and LiveUSB versions of Sugar.
  • Read a Sugar community member's take on Sugar vs XP and the Groklaw take.
  • Check out the FLOSS manual for Write and write a manual for your favorite Activity.
  • Aaron Kaplan has ported Sugar to the Intel Classmate 2. You can read about it here.
  • Sucrose 0.82 has been released.
  • Sugar wins a silver medal in the International Design Excellence Awards '08.