One tester's jhbuild experience 23Aug9

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Revision as of 15:20, 23 August 2009 by Dennis Daniels (talk | contribs)
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  1. 1100 reading install instructions
    1. Why? I had Sugar installed on Ubuntu 9.04 but it stopped building ~19Aug. I deleted the directory. rm -rf sugar...
  2. 1110 on irc waiting for git to finish download/ uploading video
    1. user@ubuntu:~/sugar-jhbuild$ ./sugar-jhbuild update
  3. 1119 ./sugar-jhbuild depscheck returns ok
  4. 1120 ./sugar-jhbuild build in process
  5. 1202 lost internet. Apparently build still pulls from repository
    1. note use pastebin and look at errors before making fool of oneself on irc, very easy to lose cred with devs
  6. 1218 retrying at 25 of 38 now