Oversight Board/2008/Meeting Minutes-2008-10-17

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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2008-10-17

Oversight Board/Minutes/Log-2008-10-17
walter, tomeu, dfarning, marcopg, unmadindu, morgs


  • A brief overview of various grant proposal:
    • DML proposal submitted
    • Google 10^100 proposal submitted
    • 2x Knight foundation proposals in the works
    • Edvestors proposal in the works
  • SFC update
    • One signature still outstanding


  • Vote on executive director will be held through email
  • Membership proposal to be vetted by SFC and then reopened for discussion
  • Email at sugarlabs.org is now being hosted at gmail. A sugarlabs.org email is part of official sugarlabs membership.

The next meeting will be in two weeks, 31 October 2008.