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==Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2009-03-06 ==
==Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2009-03-06 ==
;Logs: [[Sugar Labs/OversightBoard/Minutes/Log-2009-03-06]]
;Logs: [[Sugar Labs/Oversight Board/Minutes/Log-2009-03-06]]
;Attending: walter, tomeu, caroline, cjb, erikos, et al.
;Attending: walter, tomeu, caroline, cjb, erikos, et al.

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Oversight Board Meeting Minutes 2009-03-06

Sugar Labs/Oversight Board/Minutes/Log-2009-03-06
walter, tomeu, caroline, cjb, erikos, et al.


1. finances
We deferred the finance discussion since dfarning was not able to attend
2. kudos
We sang the praises of our release team for their extraordinary efforts in getting 0.84 done.
3. status
We discussed the status (and needs) of short-term deadlines: the upcoming Fedora and Ubuntu releases; the press release; documentation rebase
4. support
We discussed strategies for building communities of support and agreed to make this the focus of an upcoming meeting. (We'd like to do in every community what gregdek has done in Fedora. And we'd like to better engage with efforts such as pia's OLPC friends.)

The next meeting will be in one week, 13 March 2009.