Oversight Board/Meeting Minutes-2020-04-29

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SLOBs Minutes 2020-04-29

Note: Minutes were taken by James C. informally and compiled after the fact by Devin U.. No meeting secretary had yet been appointed during this meeting. The board apologizes for the sparse minutes during this transitional period.

Conservancy Liaison

  • any reports from project representative (Conservancy liaison),


Membership and Elections Committee Report

  • any reports from Membership and Elections Committee,



disband the Membership and Elections Committee and assume the responsibility ourselves.

Ombudsman Report

  • any reports from Ombudsman,


GCI and GSoC Reports

  • any reports from project teams, e.g. administrators of Google Code-in or Google Summer of Code,

Rescind Motion 2020-05

  • rescind motion 2020-05 ("a meeting to be called ..."), just a formality,


rescind motion 2020-05 ("a meeting to be called on IRC for the Membership and Elections Committee, with Oversight Board members invited.").

Season of Docs

  • to commit or avoid Google Summer of Docs, (raised by Ibiam last meeting, raised again by Samson on behalf of GSoD),

AGREED MOTION 2020-09 Sugar Labs will apply for Google Season of Docs.


  • New logo for Sugar Labs
  • any discussion of goals,
  • time of next meeting,
  • closing.