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Releasing schedules

Activity Library

Deadline Closed Notes
postponed ASLO-5, Migrate ASLO to the new AMO code base. SDK initial support.

Migration is postponed until upstream implement features ASLO needs, see the migration progress (green lines are parts that work on new AMO).

Shot-term goals

  • Activity Library related tasks:
    • polish the Policy (work with Education Team on an initial Policy),
    • start discussion on MLs,
    • land it.

Medium-term goals

  • Work with Infrastructure Team on the Central Login system to make it possible to be logged in only once while browsing Sugar Labs resources.
  • Develop an infrastructure to share logs on activity fails.
  • Develop an infrastructure to share anonymous usage statistics on Sugar Labs level, i.e., not only for particular deployment.
  • See around for ways how Sugar objects (Journal objects, .xol, etc) might be shared.

Long-term goals

  • The entirely Platform Team infrastructure should mature to be used in production mode on regular basis.



The most [non-technical] critical constraints related to the Activity Library are a lack of editors and the fact that all active editors are software technology people. In other words, it would be useful to have a common strategy, created in cooperation with the Education Team, that covers such important resources as the Activity Library. And, eventually having educators as Activity Library editors.


  • FRAM based activities on the Sugar Labs wiki.
  • polyol as a sugar-toolkit for non-Python activities.