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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Sugar_Server_Kit/sugar-client sugar-client]] application that uses sugar-stats library.
* [[Sugar_Server_Kit/sugar-client|sugar-client]] application that uses sugar-stats library.
== Getting involved ==
== Getting involved ==

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Library to gather Sugar usage statistics. The gathering method is based on sniffing DBus and X11 events.

Supported Sugars

  • 0.94

More (0.86+) Sugar version might be added on demand.

Getting the code

Library requires:

For using, library does not require any building routines, just provide full path to the active_document/ subdirectory via PYTHONPATH environment variable.

See examples/ subdirectory in the sources tree for usage examples.

See also

Getting involved

  • Report on bugs.
  • Read the HACKING file to know how to contribute with code.