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Ideally, after creating Central Sugar Labs Login system, this page will be outdated and replaced by regular account creation page.

Requests are normally processed within 2 business days. In case of delays, please contact the Infrastructure Team.

Sugar Labs Central Login

Note, this is an intermediate solution that will be finally automated (in some way). This is an account that will work, in the ideal feature, on all Sugar Labs resources.

Send a request to the RT administrative contact sysadmin @ sugarlabs . org, specifying:

  • Your desired username: <[a-z]+>,
  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Your contact email.

Please be careful, if you already have an account on some Sugar Labs resources, use the same username and contact email.

Email alias

If you want to associate yourself with Sugar Labs or you are a Sugar Labs member, it is possible to obtain an email address in the form Mail addressed to this address will be simply forwarded to another email account designated by you.

Send a request to the RT administrative contact postmaster @ sugarlabs . org, specifying:

  • Your desired username
  • Where you wish your email forwarded to

Shell account

This option is for experienced contributors to Sugar Labs' educational mission (both users and developers)

This process will give you a shell account on server.

Fill up the following template and send it by email to sysadmin @ sugarlabs . org:

<intended purpose of account> (cc your sponsors, if any)

Username: <[a-z]+>
First: <your first name(s)>
Last: <your last name(s)>
Email: <desired forwarding email destination for>

<public ssh key(s), one per line. don't attach, paste with word-wrapping disabled>
  • Preferably sign your request with a GPG key uploaded to public keyservers and signed by at least another Sugar Labs member.
  • Accurately describe the intended purpose of your shell account. Insufficiently justified requests will be delayed by the sysadmins to request further details.
Please read the shell account rules and details before using your account

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