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Sugar Activity Library for Python 3 Activities.


Hosted on

Administrative contact

activities AT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.


To add your activity bundle to aslo-v4 , you need to be a member of the sugardl group. Then, copy your bundle to /srv/activities-v4/bundles , for example:

 rsync dist/Pippy-17.xo
 # optionally, generate metadata and copy to the same directory
 # add a link to source code repository
 git config --get remote.origin.url > org.laptop.Pippy.git
 # get a list of authors of the activity
 git log -P --pretty=format:"%an" > org.laptop.Pippy.log
 # copy them to sunjammer's bundles/metadata directory
 rsync org.laptop.Pippy.*
 # trigger a new build of aslo-v4

Deploy directory: /srv/www-sugarlabs/v4-activities Source directory: /srv/activities-v4/src Bundle (*.xo) directory: /srv/activities-v4/bundles

Upgrade notes

As activities-v4 user on Machine/sunjammer, do


This will pull master from the source repository, and the python library will be installed to ~/.local/lib/python3.x/site-packages . Once this has been done, it will be accessible from any directory. ~/bin/aslo-rebuild will rebuild, and deploy it to /srv/www-sugarlabs/v4-activities . This is only recommended if the user is activities-v4. For all other cases, please use rebuild-aslo -> /usr/local/bin/rebuild-aslo and source-update-aslo -> /usr/local/bin/source-update-aslo for rebuilding and updating the source code.

ASLO-v4 also maintains host specific configuration in /srv/activities-v4/etc which is maintained in a git repository. To make changes, add yourself to the activities-v4 group and commit your changes.