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Hosted on


Administrative contact

planetmaster AT sugarlabs DOT org

To publish your blog on the planet, please go to Sysadmin/Planet_syndication_request.


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.


The planet configuration data is stored in a git repository with automatic checkouts on pulls. See Sysadmin/Autocheckout repositories for more details.

To edit planet data:

git clone
git commit -m "what i changed" <file1> <file2>...

To test a configuration change without waiting for the cronjob:

cd /srv/www-sugarlabs/planet
# write your changes to config2.ini
sudo -u planet planet config2.ini

Upgrade notes

We're using the Ubuntu package of Planet Venus, which is very old. Switching to git would be easy, but the advantage isn't clear.

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