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(Hosted on)
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* [[Machine/sunjammer]]
* [[Machine/sunjammer]]
* [[Machine/jita]]
* [[Machine/jita]]
* [[Machine/pootle]]
== Administrative contact ==
== Administrative contact ==

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  • stats.sugarlabs.org

Hosted on

Administrative contact

stats AT sugarlabs DOT org


For non-emergency calls, preferably send email to the administrative contact.


Every Sugar Labs server collect AWStats data and generates (not sunjammer which hosts stats.sugarlabs.org) /awstats/total file to make it possible to collect total statistics on the master server.

Config /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/stats.sugarlabs.org


Requires libgeo-ip-perl libnumber-format-perl

Upgrade notes

  • git pull on /srv/awstats/awstats.
  • git pull on /srv/awstats/awstatstotal.