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Hosted on


Administrative contact

<webmaster at>

Account Creation

Local Labs contacts

  • Peru: Sebastian Silva
  • Colombia: Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas
  • Argentina: Gustavo Ibarra

Local labs, please confirm contacts and add links.


Wiki instances

The main wiki lives here at /srv/www-sugarlabs/wiki/

Except for trivial changes, work on the wiki should be carried in the parallel wiki-devel instance before landing onto the production instance.

Note: The devel wiki has an outdated snapshot of the page database and its own slightly different server configuration.

Sometimes the devel instance contains interim work performed by various wiki helpers. Do not sync changes blindly to the production wiki!

Before overwriting the page database, please

  • observe
  • announce the plan on systems@ and to any collaborators who have signed their 'Under construction' pages in the template (such as by using the 'E-mail this user' link in the sidebar for the wiki user's page, even when it is a red link or not yet created).

Creating a Local Labs wiki

  • Add a group for the wiki (vigr)
cd /srv/www-sugarlabs
cp -a
chown -R icarito:sugarwiki-pe
rm -r images/*
vim LocalSettings.php
vim SecretSettings.php
  • Create apache virtual host:
 cp -a /etc/apache2/sites-available/ /etc/apache2/sites-available/
 vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/
  • Create DB with some clever trick. I reused config/index.php to setup a new MediaWiki instance and then I've thrown away the generated LocalConfig.php:
 mv LocalConfig.php LocalConfig.good
 cp -a /srv/www-sugarlabs/ .
 (go to
 rm -r config LocalConfig.php
 mv LocalConfig.good LocalConfig.php
  • Create tables for OpenID:
mysql -u root -p pe_sugarlabswiki < extensions/OpenID/openid_table.sql


Our MediaWiki instances are installed from git to allow easy rebasing of our changes on upgrades. For the full details on this installation method, see

The initial setup process (probably outdated now) lookd like this:

git clone --branch REL1_34 wiki-devel
cd wiki-devel
git submodule update --init

Checkout additional extensions we wish to enable. For ease of management, check them out into extensions-all and then symlink them from extensions/

EXTENSIONS=CheckUser ContributionScores HTMLets LastUserLogin LdapAuthentication MobileFrontend TimedMediaHandler UniversalLanguageSelector UserMerge VisualEditor Widgets
mkdir extensions-all
for i in EXTENSIONS; do
  git clone$i extensions-all/$i --branch REL1_34;
  (cd extensions && ln -s ../extensions-all/$i);

Visual Editor

This wiki has the VisualEditor extension.

In order to do that, we need the parsoid node js service. Since Sunjammer is running too old of a version, this service is hosted on freedom. It can be started using:

container.yml start /home/sam/parsoid -d

And is accessed at

Upgrade notes

Note: Before blindly following the procedure below, check the official documentation for anything that might have changed:

We update our MediaWiki instances by simply pulling from the remote git repo and then switching to a different stable branch:

git fetch
git branch -a | grep REL | sort -V
git checkout -b REL1_XX origin/REL1_XX
git submodule update --init

The skins also need to be updated from time to time (particularly after a major release). Instead of checking out hundreds od skins with the official process, we can update only the skins we have installed:

cd skins
for i in MonoBook Timeless Vector; do
  (cd $i && git fetch && git checkout -b REL1_34 origin/REL1_34)

As of this writing, only Vector is enabled in LocalSettings.php, but it's always best to keep the skins in sync in case we want to test them.

The "extensions-all" directory contains a bunch of git repositories stitched together with 'git submodule'. To update it:

cd extensions-all
for ext in *; do (cd $ext && git fetch && git checkout -b REL1_XX origin/REL1_XX); done

You also need to update some dependencies using a PHP manager called 'composer':

composer update --no-dev

Now run update script:

php maintenance/update.php

In the case of Local Labs wikis, the correct command for performing the updates is:

php maintenance/update.php --conf /srv/www-sugarlabs/
(replace for the correct path for your local lab)

If the SemanticMediaWiki extension is enabled (we don't use it), also refresh its tables:

cd extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/maintenance
php SMW_setup.php