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  • {{Translation | lang = es | source = Human_Interface_Guidelines/Activities/Activity Bundles | version = 32219 | source_display = HIG-Activity Bundles} | p_link=Activities/Activity Basics
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  • ...of the reorganized Frame, describing its sections for people, places (and activities), clipboard, and devices. It also introduces the foundation of the notific This slideshow illustrates the latest thinking regarding toolbars and the nature of tabs within the interface.
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  • ...ure of the learning environment. However, the word "log" DOES reflect that Activities are preserved, so that they can be revisited and extended at a future time.
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  • people to appropriate areas of the wiki and other sites such as the Activities Library. * humans by their nature are social beings
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  • ...omeu>''' SeanDaly, cjb: hmm, thought the concerns were more of a practical nature? ...ere's also some really basic, foundational stuff we're missing, like "core activities do not have maintainers."
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  • ...acking method in C++. The algorithm has complexity which is exponential in nature. ...g speech synthesis and it would be very useful to have more speech enabled activities. Various survey showed that voice + text based learnnig is much more effici
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  • intended user of the versioning API (though, at least in theory, regular activities could access it as well). ...can use both the IRC channel and the mailing lists, depending on the exact nature and target
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  • * Discovery / Plugin (How do activities find questions, i.e. how to get URIs to load questions from?) In the RIT class working on the Math4 projects, many proposed activities
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  • ...-inter|p_link=Activities/Activity Basics|p_label=Activity Basics|c_section=Activities|c_page=Activity Bundles|n_link=Security|n_label=Security}}{{TOCright}} Activities will exist in the form of bundles. These bundles will manifest as groups o
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  • ...the Sugar development model, keeping in mind its casual and decentralized nature * [[Activities/Activity_Library]]
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  • teachers of primary, regardless of class maintenance and educational activities This study guide and inform the teacher is used, depending on the activities of XO, landmarks
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  • ...olicy is to ensure that the identity, provenance, and free and open-source nature of Sugar Labs<sup>®</sup> remain clear to the public. This is in keeping w ...scribed as a "learning environment", not a "desktop", and its programs as "Activities", not "applications".
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  • ...y. To get these activities in lists, user should enable "show experimental activities" checkbox.
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  • This describes how to reprogram activities using just the tools that come with the Sugar operating system. It does not This page is targeted at beginners, more experienced users may find reading [[Activities/Turtle Art/Patching]] , [[Activity Team/Resources]] and [[Activity Team/Cre
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  • ...he [[Sugar System Stack]]: Between the operating system and the individual activities are the Sugar Framework ("Glucose") and the Sugar Software Stack (the upper ...ponents and pre-built content and resources that can be used to create new activities.
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  • ...children adopted into families with children born into the same families. Nature prevailed over nurture. Alas, there are any number of flaws and holes in th ..., Aleksey Lim, and David Farning, the new [ activities] site went on-line over the weekend. The new look is clean and also in comp
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  • :'''<walterbender>''' SeanDaly: we have thus far skirted the issue of activities, additional content, etc., presuming it is all free... ...ect the public, by ensuring that the identity, provenance, and open-source nature of Sugar Labs® remain clear."
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  • ...y design. Deployment organisations like OLPC are more centralized by their nature and have absolutely different deployment schemes. And, of course, both sche for next stable OLPC, and one for the latest stable upstream) for their activities is too much work for them. As such, people support only one branch, and eit
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  • :on a webform we could ask for basic contact info and nature of org: FOSS project? business? :'''<SeanDaly>''' I don't know what 5c refers to, Activities? Necessary? I don't like "Sugar Ready", is that an artifact?
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  • ...ages in /usr or from ~/Activities, or sugar supports versioning scheme for activities (simple version numbers vs. dotted versions) or sugar supports MANIFEST fil ## its decentralized nature, sugar is all about (re)creating activities that should be some how distributed, using only distributors channels decre
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  • ...middle-school Spanish-language classes with the following localization and activities so she could do the following things with Sugar in her syllabus...") ...feature owner to determine, so long as the mechanism (and the unsupported nature of the remixes generated by it) are clear. The current proposal is as follo
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  • ...The integrated nature of the program means breaking it down into distinct activities would detract from fluid navigation. However there are certain elements whi ...ation is performed on the XO clicking the "download" button on the [ GoGo Activity Web Page] [3]. The acti
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  • of [ bundle-less] activities === Bundle-less activities ===
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  • WebKit is a promising alternative, which is (by nature) an embeddable web engine. It is used in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Epiph ("hulahop") in order to enable embedding of Mozilla in Browse and other activities. I believe the main reason for creation of this glue layer is that embeddin
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  • a tutorial on Cairo development and gtk3 and this managed to get a few activities ported (Abacus with the help of Benjamin and Raul and Turtle Art with addit ...window that is currently used to select objects from the Journal from the activities, to open files in a specific directory, for example, to find examples in Tu
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  • ...o get paid to do it. This brings in other considerations about permissable activities for 501(c)3 entities under US tax code. :'''cjl''' Icarito-d234: Unfortunately activities in different jurisdictions may require legal advice from someone qualified
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  • ...tops are appropriate since are rechargeable, easily potable and simplified activities for learning. # By the end of then program children should be able to the nature of HIV/AIDS and various ways of contracting the disease; describe the negat
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  • <noinclude>[[Category:Activities]] [ Activity] | [ Source]
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  • tools by children. The rubrics are captured automatically in some Sugar activities, e.g., Turtle Art and a modified version of Write. We are aiming for evalu teachers simple-to-use mechanisms for assessment increase the odds that activities like Turtle Art will find more mainstream acceptance. Making it easier to a
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  • building a new platform on cordova for sugar. It shall help us to build activities for mobile using html,js and css and the interaction with the device's nati ...hich in turn provides the developer to develop apps which are universal in nature. This can be achieved by making the design responsive which adapts accordin
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  • | 3 || Include Social Help toolbar button to the main activities included in the standard distribution || Major || 1 day || If the button wo ...e represents a well-known and intuitive tool for users. Contains a grid of activities with sections divided into questions, ideas, problems, reviews, all resourc
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  • ...with python 3.x . Python 2.7+ would also need to be supported for existing activities to run without a hitch. This would represent developers who prefer python 3 ...and provide a wrap around script that would handle both python 2.7+ and 3 activities. But maintaining the code could turn messy real quick. Fixing a python 3 sp
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  • ...riting a robust test suite for sugar and a Python3 porting guide for sugar activities. backwards compatible because the activities are run using dbus , so the activities written in Python2 will still work. After that, I will port the sugar-shel
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  • And at last , the documentation for the porting guide for the Sugar Activities will be prepared. * Preparing documentation for the Porting Guide of Sugar Activities.
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  • ...e whole process. A plan for how to support Sugar as Python 3 and old sugar activities as Python 2 will be the biggest challenge. Document the process of porting activities for developers.
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  • ...the activities.A JavaScript framework will expose Sugar Features to HTML5 activities.This framework will allow to use HTML controls matching the Sugar widgets a <p>Who are you making it for-Large part of sugar incorporate with web activities that do need javascript collaboration to work in a better way . Making it m
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  • ...g ideas and help is invaluable -- especially in light of the decentralized nature of the Sugar community. While the developer community is comfortable with I New design: SoupGNOME (already a [[Activities/Browse|Browse]] dependency)
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  • PhysicsJS and DimensionJS (Javascript port of Physics and Dimensions activities) ...icsJS and DimensionJS are Javascript ports of Sugar's Physics & Dimensions activities. When Physics is a natural playground and a physical world simulator,Dimens
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  • * I'm familiar with sugar environment, source code, activities ...realized it is nothing but a structure of logical statements just like how nature works. The fact that I can create anything in this virtual world encourages
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  • be used for the Web Development. All the challenges will be adaptive in nature, difficulty will keep increasing as the student performs well. ...anchit Kapoor :''' Children like to learn in a creative manner. Sugar labs activities have always been challenging the creativity of the students. HTML/CSS desig
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  • 5. Tasks (short term) actual activities that are assigned to people to get done, eg "Chris Leonard to organize volu ...n for the left side but not so much for the right side and that's just the nature of how the projects are we spend so much time on the next site of the chain
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  • Among other terms, please note the Project Management, Communications and Activities terms in the agreement provide that: ...h Python and raise the flag of Free/Libre Software. He loves writing Sugar Activities; His latest is a collaborative [
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